PXE Error "PXE-E99" after OS update

  • After updating Centos to version 8, my fog server no longer PXE Boots for UEFI clients (that is all we have). We get the attached error, it claims the error is “PXE-E99” and that the “NBP filesize is 0” and then PXE skips right on by. I believe it is something to do with the upgrade of Centos but not sure what exactly. The interface names did change from em1 to eno1 Anyone have any suggestions? Currently unable to image at all.


  • @george1421 I will certainly never try to upgrade CentOS forklift style again. You were correct I upgraded Centos from version 7 to 8. After the mess it created I took your advice and ran the FOG installer using “GIT” and it cleaned up a bunch of the issues. A BOAT LOAD of things were missing after the upgrade but now they are functional. Thank you for all the assistance, FOG’s community and dev team is top notch.

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    @rogalskij So you upgraded from a fog server with centos 7 installed and you upgraded to centos 8? Do I understand the situation?

    If FOG was installed and you upgraded, this might get messy.

    1. Look through the hidden file in /opt/fog/.fogsettings update the settings to reflect the new values for the fog server (like interface names and such).
    2. Rerun the FOG installer that might install any missing components as well as correct the rest of the setup.

    If step 2 doesn’t work to correct the issue then rename that .fogsettings file and run the installer. It will prompt you for all of the questions again but this time it will do a complete install (it will not touch the image files or database). That should pull in all of the missing bits.

    Also with the upgrade make sure that selinux is disabled as well as the centos firewall.