• Haven’t done any in a while, but I think an upload can take several hours depending on the data. If you look in /images on the fog server, what do you see and how big is it?

  • When I try to deploy it to my other client I get the “unable to locate image file for <image> sys.img.000” message as if the image is not uploaded to the FOG server. I don’t think it is actually uploading the image, because I would think the wait time would be much longer than it was…This is why I tried to manually put the image on the server, to see if it was the uploading or the deploying that was the problem. I believe it is the upload.

  • Hmm, if the computer has successfully uploaded shouldn’t the next step be deploy? What happens when you try to deploy this image?

  • It does not report successful on the client machine. I haven’t seen any messages on it, actually. I am trying to clone a Windows 7 machine, I just tried the multiple platforms all disks option and got a message I haven’t seen before. I am working on the FOG machine, I selected the host I want to upload from, I clicked upload, and it gives me the message: Unable to start task

  • When you upload the image, does the Fog client report that it was successful? If it has any issues, you should see messages on the client screen. Fog is good about that. Also, the format of the image is not an ISO. I’m not familiar with the format or type of file it uses, but I know enough that it is not an ISO. What OS are you cloning? When you created the image definition, what type did you pick? When we clone our Windows 7 machines, we choose Multiple Partitions, all disks, not resizeable to insure it grabs that annoying little 100 MB partition Windows 7 likes to create. There are other ways to clone Windows 7, but this has worked well for us…