• New user to FOG, I’ve been trying to set it up for the last few days. I have been able to answer most of questions browsing this forum, but I haven’t found a solution to why my client won’t upload an image to fog. I thought the upload was successful, because the image showed up on FOG, but the image file wasn’t actually there, because when I try to PXE boot the image from another machine I get the message “unable to locate image file for <image> sys.img.000”. I tried to manually put an ISO on the server, but when I try to PXE boot my other machine, I get the message "can’t read the following volume file: /images/<image> Can anyone help?

    I am running FOG 0.32, and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on the server

  • Great to hear. Let me know if I can provide additional help.

  • Awesome, that did it. I think that’s all I need and I’ll be off and imaging, thanks. Now onto snap-ins…

  • You can get really fancy and use the Unattend.xml file, but we prefer the simple approach. There are many ways to do this, here is what works for us:

    1. Load Windows, applications, patches, drivers, etc. on master
    2. Run sysprep /oobe /generalize (Computer will shut off at the end). You’ll find sysprep in C:\windows\system32\sysprep fiolder.
    3. Create an upload task in Fog for this computer
    4. PXE boot the computer to upload the image

    After you deploy this image to a host and reboot, the computer starts by running the mini setup. It ends asking for a computer name, etc. Just like it is new from HP or Dell.

  • Do I run sysprep on the machine I am uploading the image from? I’ve been looking for a good guide on how to do it, and I found this…


    Do I need to foollow all of these steps prior to upload?

  • Is it Windows 7? Did you run sysprep prior to imaging? Which sysprep options did you use?

  • I was able to get the image to download to the client, but when it boots and I select boot from hard drive, it boots and opens start-up repair. I tried to have it fix the problem, but every time I boot it goes back to repair. Suggestions?

  • You are welcome. I’m happy to help. Good luck with Fog. It’s a great solution.

  • Looks like I was the confused one, I never tried to PXE boot to fog with the client I wanted to upload. Image is uploading now. Thanks again for all the help.

  • I guess I am still a bit confused. When I upload an image I create the task in Fog for that host, then PXE boot the computer to load the Fog client and execute the upload task. On our desktops (HP) I just use the F9 key at boot to select PXE as the boot method. At the end of the upload process the desktop shuts down.

    Once I have the image uploaded to Fog, I create a deployment task for the destination hosts and set them to PXE boot (using F9) so that the Fog client loads and the image is deployed. After the image is deployed, the computers reboot.

    If you don’t PXE boot the computer to Fog, what method are you using to upload the image?

  • The machine I am uploading the image from has never been set to PXE boot, it just boots locally. I am trying to upload the image from that machine, and then PXE boot it on a second client computer. Just got in this morning and it is still rebooting, and there is still nothing in /images

  • Let me see if i understand correctly, you started an upload, the client rebooted, now the client just keeps rebooting. Is it still trying to load the PXE boot when it boots or is it trying to boot from the local disk?

  • I just started the upload, and when the task started, the client I am uploading from immediately restarted, and now it keeps restarting itself about 30 seconds after start up…

  • Thank you for all the help. I remember checking this multiple times before I started my own thread, but it turns out I wasn’t editing the root version of the config.php file. I just changed it to match my password, and I will update you on if the image was uploaded successfully tomorrow. Thanks again.

  • I think the temp folder is dev in /images. Try looking in thete. Refer to this for some tftp troubleshooting [url]http://fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Unable_to_connect_to_TFTP[/url]

  • If I go into the tmp folder under root, it is the same as the images folder. There is a folder titled “images” and within it is an empty folder titled “dev”. I don’t think it is uploading the image at all. Is there a way to verify communication between the server and client? I can ping the server successfully, but is there anything else?

  • OK, so based on my limited knowledge here is what I think is happening: The imaging of the client completes to the temp area, but the tftp from the temp area to /images is failing. I know there are lots of posts and help in the Wiki on that so I’d suggest searching for tftp failures or errors for some troubleshooting ideas.

  • Okay I went to that folder and in it is a folder titled “dev” with nothing in it

  • On my server it is off of the root folder, or /images

  • Is the path for the images folder fog_0.32/packages/tftp/fog/images? Am I checking the right place? The only thing there is “init.gz”