• I register the host with fog server.
    MAC address is register but when I try to deploy the image I get the error message
    Prepareing Backup location failed
    Your help is much appreciated

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    @cicero said in Can't image:

    I don’t want to be a pest but would appreciate if I can reach out to you you have great instructions

    You are not. The forum is here to ask questions and people try to help. I would just ask you to not repeat asking more and more questions in the same topic! There is no restriction to open new ones for each question you have and it’s a lot easier for everyone to keep track.

  • @george1421 said in Can't image:

    microsoft recommended way.

    I see your point, my company’s brainchild no longer with us, let his soul rest in peace created images specifically for model type but I have apply them to different models and they work. I read if you sysprep the image size is also smaller too.
    George, thank you again, Im going to follow your guide tomorrow.
    I don’t want to be a pest but would appreciate if I can reach out to you you have great instructions

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    @cicero The answer depends on who you ask. Sysprep is exactly that it prepares the system for image cloning by resetting a lot of hardware specific parameters. I always build my golden image on a VM for a few reasons, one being its hardware agnostic. I always sysprep my images because I deploy one image to many different hardware models (12 to 15 to be precise). You need a neutral image to be able to not leave left over drivers on the machine. I also use sysprep and the unattend.xml file to set the system parameter during OOBE/WinSetup. This way I can make one image and deploy it in any timezone or country (keyboard and location being set by the unattend.xml file). I have FOG adjust the unattend.xml file just after placing the image on the disk and before booting the target OS to start OOBE. Lastly I use sysprep to power off the computer properly before image cloning to avoid the Windows dirty bit issue. So there IS multiple uses for sysprep.

    Now if you are going to capture an image one per model and deploy that image to the same model, I know some people never use sysprep. Does it work, yes but its not the microsoft recommended way.

  • @george1421
    Thanks for the reply
    Ram is only 8G and 256G SSD
    this is only to learn to prep an image capture it and image
    do I need to sysprep the image?

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    @cicero said in Can't image:

    Lenovo Thinkcenter M710Q

    How much ram and disk space do you have on this box? For a home lab setup you might consider installing something like proxmox on this box to make it a VM Host server and then install ubuntu inside proxmox. By using proxmox (hypervisor) with enough system resources you could spin up other VMs for testing in your home lab. You could even image from one vm running FOG to another VM all on the same box. You don’t need a server class machine for a proxmox hypervisor in a home lab setup. You do need RAM and a hard drive big enough to store your vm host disks. The more ram the better a 2-4TiB disk is probably enough for a small setup.

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    @cicero For a home setup I would recommend installing dnsmasq on your FOG server to provide the pxe boot information for your home network.


    What I’ve found that most soho routers/isp modems don’t properly support providing pxe boot information to pxe booting computers. You can mask this issue with using dnsmasq to provide pxe booting information only to the pxe booting computers. Your home router/isp modem will provide the dhcp and dns services with dnsmasq providing pxe boot information. It works pretty well.

  • @george1421 said in Can't image:

    upgrading the FOS Linux kernel

    Hi George,
    thank you for your help much appreciated.
    Would you be able to help me setup a Fog server for home use, due to the lockdown we are not going in to the office. I have a
    Netgear (GS308P)/8 Port Switch
    Lenovo Thinkcenter M710Q/Intel 5i connecting to Hitron Coda Home wireless modem
    install Ubuntu v20.04.2.LTS
    Fog v1.5.9
    I like to learn to use the fog enviroment to capture images and deploy images mainly to new lenovo laptops runing Win10

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    @cicero In the /images/dev directory. You can purge any directory that resembles a mac address. That directory should only exist during an upload. A botched upload will cause that directory to remain behind with dead files in it.

  • it looks like the image drive storage was full
    I have deleted ooold images and its working
    I can upload new image and image

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    @sebastian-roth Most of the directories in green are botched uploads that can probably be removed.

    I’d also like to see the outputs of :
    df -h and lsblk It looks like its been setup this way since 2016 so I’m wondering if the OP is out of disk space, unless this fog server has only been used a few times, it looks like it was working in at least the fall of 2020.

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    @cicero Although I can’t read the text in the picture having a green background (just too blurry) it seems like someone used a symlink to point /images to a different location in /raid/fog/images. While I don’t fancy that kind of setup I think it should work. Access rights look ok on /raid/fog/images/dev (used when uploading/capturing an image). Not sure what’s wrong.

    Run the following commands and post a clear picture here:

    ls -al /raid/fog/images
    ls -al /raid/fog/images/dev
    cat /etc/exports
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    @cicero said in Can't image:

    I’m learning this solution its not supporting new Lenovo hardware.

    FWIW New target hardware can be supported by upgrading the FOS Linux kernel. FOG does support new hardware you just need to update the kernel. BUT lets not get the two issues resolved. Once you get the mounting issue resolved then we can work on guiding you on updating the FOS Linux kernel (note this ‘kernel’ has nothing to do with the FOG Server’s host operating system).

  • fog 20210218_094708.jpg
    Here you go, yes its an old Fog solution I have inherited, I need to start working on a new Fog server. I’m learning this solution its not supporting new Lenovo hardware.
    I appreciate your help

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    @cicero The picture says Version: 8913 and I haven’t seen this in a long time I think. Which version of FOG do you use?

    For the actual error. Seems like we are able to mount the NFS share but not able to create a directory on the server. Please run the following commands on your FOG server (as root) and post results here:

    showmount -e
    ls -al /images
    ls -al /images/dev

    Did you move/customize the /images directory on your FOG server by any chance?

  • Here is the error

  • M20210212_181929.jpg

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    @cicero Please post a picture of the error you see on screen here.