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    Is it possible to fog a single drive that is partitioned? I have one 2TB drive that is split into two separate partitions. C:\ (500GB for the OS and basic applications) and D:\ (1.5TB for games). I want to capture an image of the 500GB C:\ partition and leave the D:\ partition untouched. Is this possible?

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    @nerdstburns There is one important thing I have to add. If you select a single partition in the image definition it won’t touch the partition table on deploy/capture at all!! So I would advice you create two image defintions, one full image where the option Partitions is unselected and another one with Partitions set as suggested by George. Now capture the full image an deploy that to all your hosts once. Then when you want to update C:\ you capture that to the other image definition “Partition 1 only” and deploy that to the hosts again.

    If you ever try to deploy the “Partition 1 only” to an empty disk (no or not the correct partition layout deployed before) then it will fail!

  • Awesome, thank you!

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    @nerdstburns Yes you can.

    In the image definition just configure these options

    Image Type: Multiple Partitions Single disk non-resizable
    Partitions: Partition 1 only

    The only warning is to be sure you know the physical partition you want so that you select the partition you need.