Need to install Fog Server. Urgent remote support needed.

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    I need to install a fog server (DHCP/TFTP) that needs to take a image of a working Ubuntu server and copy it over 1000s of other same exactly HW.

    I do not have time to do it my self because it must be completed until Saturday.

    I can supply a remote desktop, I have already a Fog server installed ready.

    I can pay for the support.
    Please contact me


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    @emreonder said in Need to install Fog Server. Urgent remote support needed.:

    nomater all the options i try with the Host Bios Exit Type or Host EFI Exit Type ( i guess i tried all the combinations) but never passes this step.

    Ok the first thing we need to know is the gigabyte mobo in bios or uefi mode. Knowing that then you can focus on the right Host Exit type.

    The default for bios exit type is SANBOOT. That works 95% of the time. For the UEFI exit type that is typically rEFInd.

    So if you have a uefi type firmware and rEFInd hangs on exit there are a few things you can try with refind to make it work. The first thing I think I would have you do is update a few settings in the refind.conf file to see if adjust refind to locate your boot media.

  • @george1421

    Thanks a lot for your support. and fast answer but unfortunately i was just able to see it.

    I have somewhat learn how to install and capture the image from the sample PC and deployed over 100s of other PC so far.

    At once i get 10 image via local area network in 5-6 min from same lan deploying , and it takes several hours to deploy 100s so far i am still ok with the speed.

    My issue is :
    I have 2 type of mother boards one of them called color. I have never heard this before but it works perfect.

    If i deploy the same image to the gigabyte (GA-H110-D3A) then i run in troubles.

    PC boots from PXE, registers to fog, and then download the image ( deploy) after it reboots it stuck at “Boot from hard disk” count down to 3 and never pass this part.

    nomater all the options i try with the Host Bios Exit Type or Host EFI Exit Type ( i guess i tried all the combinations) but never passes this step.

    But if i take down the fog server then it does not find the PXE and boots up from the hard dist notmally. BTW harddisk is a USB stick i do not know if it makes any difference.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help one again.

  • If your boss asked you to do this within this time frame, you should push back.

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    @emreonder I guess I would have to say its impossible what you want to do. Its possible but not by Saturday even if you have the fog server already setup.

    I also would say you have too many unknown conditions for a 2 days deployment.

    1. How big is your master image?
    2. Are these new servers all located at one location?
    3. If they are remote does the remote locations have a connection back to where the FOG server is 100% of the time?
    4. If they are remote what is the network speed between the locations
    5. Are these virtual or physical servers?
    6. If they are virtual what hypervisor are you using?
    7. Does your remote hardware support pxe booting?
    8. If your 1000 servers are remote do you have technical people on site to start the imaging process?

    I’m sure there are a few more.

    Can fog image 1000 computer, yes
    Can fog image 1000 computers at the same time, no
    Can fog deploy ubuntu images, yes
    Can fog deploy 40 computers all at one in the same class room, yes
    Does fog support both uefi and bios based computers, yes

    On a well managed local 1GbE LAN FOG can deploy a 25GB image in about 4 minutes to a modern (0-3 years old) computer. So using those numbers FOG can unicast-image 12 systems per hour or 288 per day or 576 in 48 hours non-stop. There is no way to get to 1000s by Saturday. Any imaging solution would have troubles getting there from nothing, as you have today.