Add setting for amount of free space on resizable images

  • Would it be possible to implement a setting in the Fog web interface to control how much the partitions are shrunk when capturing an image? I’m running into this problem more often where my resizable images don’t successfully resize before capture, I’m guessing because the script running parted is being a little too aggressive and not leaving enough free space. Parted usually throws an error like

    No free mft record for $MFT: No space left on device
    Could not allocate new MFT record: No space left on device

    I know from experience if I could set it to leave just a percent or two more free space it would probably resize successfully. It would be really nice to be able to set a target percent of free space on resizable images.

  • Cool! I didn’t know that option was there. Thanks.

  • Moderator

    @benc Please check in FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings -> General Settings -> CAPTURERESIZEPCT. From the help text:

    This setting defines the amount of padding applied to a partition before attempting resize the ntfs volume and capturing it.

    Default is adding 5 % and you can increase that as much as you like (up to 99 % which would not make sense).