• Hello people of the FOG forum,

    I come yet with another problem, only this time it’s about user permissions.

    We use FOG on an isolated network to quickly image a network of about 15 machines running Linux, Windows and MAC os. These machines are used for hardware and software related exercises and are thus being used by students. And students being how they are, it’s necessary to image a computer every now and then. We also image them after each exercise depending on the exercise itself.

    We used to run an old version of FOG where there was an option to create a so called mobile user. We are now running FOG version 1.5.9 and I do not see any other user customisation options other than name, password and API.

    Our endgoal is to create a user that can acces the web interface and a user for quick deployment of images, but that cannot login to the webinterface or can login with inhibited permissions.

    I have yet to find an alternitave to this mobile user option, if there is one. The FOG wiki just tells me to create a mobile user, which isn’t possible anymore as far as I can see.

    If you require anymore information i’d be happy to provide. Thanks in advance.

    With kind regards,


  • @tom-elliott Hello Tom,

    Thank you for your quick response, I will try what you suggested and post my progress.

    kind regards,


  • @vlanflex Please see the following:

    We moved away from “mobile” only user as we moved our interface to a responsive design.

    Managing 2 separate GUI’s is too much effort for a small team to keep up with.

    Because the interface is responsive, the mobile only user was removed. However, while not all encompassing, the Access Control Plugin along with the Site Plugin, is a suitable enough replacement. It’s highly customizable so there isn’t really a nice howto to tell you what to do. But there should be enough documentation on the forums and possibly on the wiki to get you to a place I think you can be happy with.

    Thank you,