• I got an error on a dell 3310 latitude laptop.

    Init Version: 20200906
    Cannot find disk on system (getHardDisk)
    Args Passed:

    Kernel variables and settings:
    bzImage loglevel=4 initrd=init.xz root=/dev/ram0 rw ramdisk_size275000 web= consoleblank=0 rootfstype=ext4 storage= storageip= nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 loglevel=4 mode=manreg

    have been using fog on several laptops different brands and have not had this error.

    Any ideas on where to start fixing?

    Thanks in advance

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    @vemoya said in Cannot find disk on system:

    develop something to remedy this issue with RAID BIOS configs

    This is beyond the capabilities of the FOG Project. The FOG Project relies on the linux kernel developers to interface with the hardware. Intel will not release the drivers for their RST Raid controller. In tern the linux kernel developers can’t create a driver to see the disks behind the intel raid controller. This is an issue that impacts the entire linux community. The trifecta is uefi + intel RST Raid-On + linux. If you change any one of the elements FOG will be able to see the disks behind the controller.

  • Thanks, @george1421 I was able to get it going. Did not need to capture since I have a Windows image that I use to set up the image template for the CPU. Thanks for the info on this @Tom-Elliott I did have to change to AHCI in order for it to work. The secure boot and PXE should be standard now for FOG deployments. I do appreciate the reminders for BIOS setups cuz sometimes they do get overlooked no matter how much experience one might have using FOG.

    Hopefully, in the future, the FOG team will develop something to remedy this issue with RAID BIOS configs.

    Thanks for the help and quick replies.

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    For FOG capture on new hardware I would look at it in this order (just restating what Tom posted).

    1. Ensure if you are pxe booting in uefi mode that secure boot is disabled and for the Dells you have disk mode in AHCI mode, Raid-On is the default. If you have only one disk in this laptop and you or not using a RAID configuration then its safe to leave the computer in AHCI mode.

    2. If after doing the above doesn’t work then go into FOG Configuration -> Kernel Update and upgrade your FOS Linux kernel to 5.6.18 or later.

  • @vemoya It should be noted, to deploy this image to other machines, you’ll want to make the RAID to AHCI change before deploying the image (for the same type of reason of cannot find HDD).

  • @Tom-Elliott

    Thanks for the quick reply I will try it and post my results.

  • boot into windows.

    Setup through msconfig to start in safe mode: see here

    Reboot machine, but boot into bios.

    Change Disk Operation mode from RAID to AHCI

    Boot back into Windows

    Recheck the items you unchecked to get into safe mode,

    Restart machine and verify it boots.

    Setup your tasking.

    Reboot host and register and image (capture/deploy) as needed.

    Thank you,