new model XPS 13 7390 10th gen bios 1.5. can't capture image

  • hi all!
    We have acquired the new model dell xps 13 "7390, we modified the bios, AHCI disk, this by default UEFI mode we can register the equipment in FOG ver.1.5.4 but when we want to capture it indicates that it is not registered, but yes it is.

    Do you know what it can be? or what do I have to change in bios? With the rest of the xps models FOG server works perfectly.

    have you encountered this problem?

  • Senior Developer

    @Pere-Pozo-Miro You are probably using a dock for network connection, right? Some of the docks do a pass through of the device’s MAC address or hand out the dock’s MAC address either.

    Which exact model of dock do you use?

    How do you register the device? Through the PXE menu or manually in the web UI? What MAC do you see in the web UI for it after registration? Please post the full MAC address or at least the first three blocks here in the forums so we know which vendor it belongs to.