• Hello all,

    Im building a FOG server at my new place of work on a HP DL380 G5 and Fedora 16 is the only version of Linux i could get the server to boot. Ubuntu (my prefered option) doesnt want to know.

    So far i am running the installer and i got the usual php-gettext errors which i have resolved via the suggested actions on the old forum. Now im struggling with the NFS service. I found this article but doing the steps it suggested doesnt resolve it.


    Basically the when the installer gets the restarting the NFS service it fails.

    Since im new to fedora can anyone shed any light on this?

    Desperatly need FOG to be working as im getting bored installing Windows manually 😞



  • Yeah, I found the page in the google cache. But after reading it, I said screw it, and I am currently setting it up on Ubuntu Server 11.10.

  • If I remember correctly I had to change php-gettext to php-common. There 2 entries for it in the .sh file. To be honest I wouldn’t bother with fedora. After this step I got stuck with the pxe booting. I think too much has changed with fedora since the install script was written. Stick to Ubuntu. Seems to work fine on 11.10


  • I am running into the same issue with the php-gettext failing, on Fedora 14, however when I click on the link for the old forum, sourceforge says that forums are not enabled for this project. So, what do I need to edit in the config.sh file?

  • Nope still doesnt work on Fedora 15. Fails at the NFS server portion. ARGHHHHH Can the developers shed any light on this? Really dont want to have to use Ubunutu in a VMware image under windows.

  • Well i got it working then couldnt do anything with it. Set the pxelinux.0 in my existing DHCP and pointed it at the fog server but the client never gets the fog boot screen. I think the FTFP server on fedora 16 wasnt running and i was spending too much time trying to figure it out (different to ubuntu) Gonna try Fedora 15 as people seem to have had success with that.

  • Well I’m glad to hear you got it working! 😃

    We recently upgraded to a Dell server at work that is running ESXi and has NIC teaming. It’s a really great solution, so if you haven’t looked into virtualizing some of your equipment you may want to think about it down the road. 😃

  • Thanks for the heads up but this will have to be something i look at at a later date. I have just moved here from another school and the network is in a mess so i have little time to sit down and learn a new technology (new to me anyway)

    I have managed to get Fedora further and get FOG installed, not sure how or why but a reboot of the server seems to have cured it. Just preparing a test machine to see if all is OK. 🙂

  • Have you thought about running an ESXi server on the hardware and virtualizing your installation? [url]http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere-hypervisor/overview.html[/url]