• I have been using FOG host registration to set a computer name, and when I would deploy my image, the computer will always be set to the host name. Great! (No Fog Client). This is not a sysprepped image.

    Now, when I go to deploy a sysprepped image, the computer name always ends up as a random name, such as desktop-xxxxx standard/default unattend.xml, instead of the FOG host name that I registered it as. Is this simply a limitation of what can be done here? I am guessing FOG changes the name, but then sysprep changes the name after that? I believe the FOG client could resolve this, but I am seeing if it can done without.

  • @george1421 Very nice, I will have to read into this. I will just need to comment out the AD domain joining and keep the host name change part only.

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    There is a solution for this, it is to use a post install script to update the unattend.xml file on the target computer. This is how I use fog. I don’t use the fog client because the OU and host name are calculated at deployment time.

    The basis of this is documented here: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/8889/fog-post-install-script-for-win-driver-injection

    I know the tread is a bit cluttered now, but look at the very top post then scroll to the bottom for the remainder of the posts. Pay special attention to this script fog.ad it has what you need to update the unattend.xml script on the target computer.