• Hi,

    I have FOG server installed and setup for use in an isolated network separate from the company network.

    Ideally I’d like to be able to plug in say 10 machines to the isolated network switch and do everything from one machine so i dont have to plug a keyboard/screen into each machine to obtain the mac address.

    is there a way to push out an image to all machines on the local FOG network rather than having to plug in a screen, boot the machine, get the mac, add to FOG directory etc etc? this way i could just choose the appropriate image and blast it out to whatever was plugged in to the switch.

  • That’s a good point - if you don’t care about them being registered in the FOG database, that should work great.

  • You should be able to use the Bypass and set up a multicast deployment without registering MAC addresses, more details can be found here:


    Just note that this is unsupported, but works well. I just finished a .32 version of the bypass last night and tested all throughout the day today and works very well. Just follow the Multicast Deployment steps at the bottom of the page.

  • Hmm… you could theoretically get the machines to wake-on-lan from magic packets, get them to boot to a stage where you could run an arp-scan to retreive the mac addresses of all the machines on the switch, then upload the returned information into the relevant MySQL tables, then use that information to trigger the imaging process on all of the computers.

    Sounds like one hell of an involved project though, and I can already see [I]tons[/I] of possible snags.

  • I doubt you’re going to be able to achieve it without plugging a keyboard into the client machines, the Capone plugin could speed up the imaging process though as you wont have to register the machines.