Can we add "application" on a Default OS ?

  • Hello,

    My question is : Can we add “Application” on a default OS ?

    deploiement an default OS and i want to add different application like Firefox, Adobe reader.
    i just want to know if we can do it with FOG ?

    My best thanks

  • Senior Developer

    @j00k4 As I said, the fog-client can run so called snapins to do certain jobs for you automatically, like install software.

  • Sorry for my bad english,

    i mean i want to deploy an OS image automatically and after install, choose “another” software.

    Like installing a default Windows 10 with nothing and adding “FireFox”, “Java”, etc ?

  • Senior Developer

    @j00k4 I am not sure I get your question right. Do you mean deploy an OS image and then automatically install applications after that? FOG can do this for you if you add the fog-client software to your OS image and use snapins to install those applications for you.

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