• Does anyone have a solution for updating the LGPO on a workstation via a snapin? I currently have a snapin pack with the LGPO.exe, the lgpo file, and a batch script to execute the lgpo.exe. However, the fog client runs as the user SYSTEM.

    I looked into runas but that seems to require user input in the terminal. There was a solution where I could change the admin password to blank and use runas to bypass that step but I want to avoid that.

    1. Is there a solution that I can create to push the snapin and run the .exe with admin privileges?
    2. Is there a recommendation as to how I could update LGOP using FOG?
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    @ddo Fortunately I have just tried doing something like that using the Windows task planer and it worked:

    schtasks /create /tn "MyTask" /sc once /st 23:00 /tr "C:\path\to\program.exe parameters" /ru "domain\username"
    schtasks /run /tn "MyTask"
    schtasks /delete /tn "MyTask" /f

    Though you might need to come up with some more scripting to find out the user being logged on to the machine at the moment. Should be possible to do but I haven’t figured it out myself yet.