Dell XPS and adatapter USB-B no work UEFI

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    Good morning, everyone,

    I discovered your great project 1 month ago and I really use it with dell Optiplex 3060.

    On the other hand I have a problem with my XPS dell in legacy mode no problem it works.

    On the other hand in UEFI I still have a getharddisk error it seems not to know how to mount the hard disk.

    Have you ever had this kind of problem? I looked on the forum I saw some type on the problem but not really a solution ( attention probably misguided possible:))

    I use the latest version of FOG and it is the recent model of dell XPS

    Thank you for your help

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    For the Dells in uefi mode, change the disk mode from raid-on to ahci mode. This will address the disk issue. If you want disk mode raid-on you can change back after imaging is done. In most cases you can leave in ahci mode without issue.