Error trying to restore GPT partition tables...

  • Hey guys,

    Ive been trying to read the forums with people having the same issue as me but I just have not been able to figure it out… I am able to capture other images and deploy them just fine but this one is driving me nuts… I am running the latest version of FOG 1.5.7 (Downloaded and installed it about four days ago), trying to capture an image from a 500GB HDD (with resizing the image size comes to about 70GB) and to put it on a 240GB SSD. I have been able to successfully do this with other images though this is a personal favor I am doing for someone so I think I am missing some settings or something for it to work with this system? It is a Win 10 system.

    This is the issue I keep running into.

    I have tried running the chkdsk thing and numerous other things, I am starting to lose my mind lol… Here are the files from the image and partition stuff.





    Captured Image



    Let me know if you need any other files.!

  • @Sebastian-Roth I removed the last two partitions and worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • That makes sense thanks. For this specific image it is a one time thing. I will only be making this image once and putting it on the same laptop. I just wanted to transfer all the files and everything from the HDD to the SSD and put it back in the same PC. I will see about getting rid of these partitions and try capturing the image again. Thanks!

  • Developer

    @F-kos As mentioned in many other topics this error usually happens due to the partition layout being somehow “special” and FOG is not able to resize it to a smaller size disk. Good you posted all the information straight away.

    The information in the pictures tell us all we need to know. Nr. 4 and 5 are special partitions marked with flags hidden and diag(nostics). As FOG doesn’t want to break things with this kind of partitions it’s made to not move the starting point for those. So partition 4 will always start at 477 GB (roughly) and partition 5 at 479 GB (roughly).

    Question is, why do you have those partitions and do you need those? It’s probably recovery partitions created by manufacturer installs and there is not much point in keeping a recovery partition in place when using this as a reference image to be deployed to other machines.

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