Hiren's Boot CD 1.0.1 UEFI iso Question

  • Hey All,

    I don’t know if this has been documented anywhere, but I have searched around the forums and have been unable to find something that resembles what I am looking for. I would like to use the UEFI boot option in the FOG menu for Hiren’s Boot CD (PE Environment). The one I am using only works for BIOS machines and most of the ones I have now are not that way. Here is what my current menu says:

    set tftp-path tftp://${fog-ip}
    set pe-path ${tftp-path}/os/winpe
    kernel ${tftp-path}/wimboot gui
    imgfetch --name BCD ${pe-path}/BCD BCD
    imgfetch --name boot.sdi ${pe-path}/boot.sdi boot.sdi
    imgfetch --name boot.wim ${pe-path}/boot.wim boot.wim
    boot || goto MENU

    What can I change to make this work for UEFI? Is it just the memdisk iso raw?


  • @george1421 Thanks for the response. I think I might’ve actually figured it out. If you Legacy PXE boot, it errors out on a UEFI based machine. However, if you use the Network Stack PXE boot (UEFI), it will correctly boot. The DVD does work for both UEFI and Legacy. I don’t know why I didn’t think to try that first.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Moderator

    @Chris-Whiteley memdisk only works in bios mode. There isn’t a publicly available version that supports uefi mode.

    So I have to ask the question, if you burned the hiren’s boot image to a dvd would it boot correctly? What you have defined for the boot menu is correct for both bios and uefi systems. The one thing I can think is that the boot.wim you are sending does not support uefi based systems.

    Also make sure you have the latest version of wimboot. The earlier versions didn’t support uefi.