SOLVED Automatic Approval of "Pending Hosts"

  • Is there a way to have hosts I install the client on automatically approved in the “hosts” section of FOG? We keep pretty tight controls on software installs, and I would like to not have to go into the server and “approve” the pending hosts that I see. A couple times we have forgotten and it temporarily delayed us from imaging a lab full of computers because they weren’t “approved” yet.

    Any assistance with this would be appreciated. It seems like a small step but when we are adding hundreds of hosts to the system it really can slow one down. Thank you all I appreciate you!


  • I appreciate the quick reply Tom. I was just curious if there was already a quick check box to turn this off or not. I think I will hold off on it and just let my team know they need to be sure to approve hosts after installing the client. I appreciate your insight and look forward to a possible feature addition in the future!

  • Due to the security controls of the fog client, I understand what you’re wanting and could probably code this relatively easily, however I think it would probably work better if you did an api script that ran on a schedule.

    Essentially the request would be:

    put <url>/fog/host

    ‘hostIDs’: get <url>/fog/host/ids data: [{“pending”: 1}],
    ‘pending’: 0

    Of course a bit more output may be needed, but the principal is the same and could be scripted from your fog server.