Gigabyte board not booting into Windows when booted off FOG.

  • Hey guys, I have this issue a while back and still experience it today. So I built this Gaming PC, it has a gigabyte ab350-gaming 3 board in it, When it gets to the FOG gui from ipxe boot, It gives me a error when it “boots from hard disk” It loads GRUB and then it gives me a error stated that my BOOTMGR is corrupted. When I boot from my BIOS settings, It boots straight to windows. I have tried every single selection in FOG from SANBOOT all the way down to REFIND_EFI. None of them work.

    Does anyone know how to fix it or know if my board doesn’t support it?

    Here is the image if you want to know the error.
    20190621_123130 (2).jpg

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    @FuriousGamer065 Wow quite a gap here in response.

    You need to know what mode the firmware is in because it controls a number of things. In the case of the boot loader you will need to send ipxe.efi as the boot file to the target computer for uefi mode. The same thing kind of applies to the source image. You can only deploy an uefi captured image to a uefi based computer. You can’t mix bios and uefi systems.

  • @george1421

    1. I don’t know, but the board said it is a UEFI DualBIOS.
    2. This installation was a Windows 10 Disk
    3. Yes
    4. Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    5. Hard Drive was first when I booted into PXE

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    @FuriousGamer065 Secure boot enabled or disabled?

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    OK so…

    1. Is this system a uefi or bios based system?
    2. Did fog image the system or is this the reference image?
    3. Did you register this computer with FOG?
    4. What target OS is on this computer?
    5. If you change the boot order so that the local hard drive is first in the boot order instead of PXE does it boot correctly?

    Lets start with those questions before we head down the wrong path.

    Suspicion: That appears to be a windows boot manager error and not something specifically related to FOG, BUT that doesn’t mean that fog doesn’t have a role in creating it.

  • @fry_p The FOG Version is 1.5.7

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    We will need to know what version of FOG you are running for starters. I’m sure now that this is bumped and if you provide this info, the forum members should be able to start helping.

  • I am still waiting for a answer

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