ISO help with non-standard FOG install

  • Hopefully there’s someone more knowledgeable out there that can help me troubleshoot… I am trying to set up a very small-scale FOG installation to assist with maintaining a school media center’s collection of about 40 Win7 Starter netbooks. I’m trying to install FOG on the Ubuntu (12.10) portion of a dual-boot Win7S/Ubuntu netbook, and using an 8-port NetGear router to help image machines. The “server” netbook is able to connect to our wireless (filtered) network.

    I’m guessing that there’s some tweak I need to make in the standard FOG install process that will allow the server netbook to act as a DHCP server, and have the client netbooks boot to PXE through the router to connect to FOG. But I’m going on trial-and-error here…

    Is there an obvious change in the FOG install process that I’m missing? Is there a service I need to start on the Ubuntu netbook that the FOG portal isn’t doing automatically? Or could my problem be hardware related?

    Any help is most appreciated…and obviously, any additional info I didn’t provide here I’d be happy to in order to help troubleshoot.


  • Moderator

    You’ll have to install and configure DHCP server on the FOG server if you want to image from an isolated switch. Basically, when you install FOG, say Yes to DHCP, the defaults should work for an isolated switch.