UNSOLVED Limit number of Simultaneous Snapins

  • I have found where you can limit the max clients for imaging. Is there a way to limit how many snapins can be in progress at once? If I have 100 hosts check in, FOG seems to allow 10 at a time. I have a batch file that downloads a large amount of data from a server and would like to limit this to 2 clients at a time so I don’t overwhelm the network bandwidth.

  • @Sebastian-Roth This is more by design.

    Typically snapins are one time run. If needed to rerun a while later, you can run it individually to the host needed, or you could task the host to run all snapins associated.

    Maybe something we can limit in the future, but I guess I need better understanding.

    Snapins run in queue.

    For example, if a host has 25 Snapins to install, it installs 1, 2, 3, etc… It will not install 25 at once.

    Now, based on the information, I believe the question here is about number of machines running snapins at once. Lets say you have 25 Machines to install Snapin 1, you want this to be limited?

    Right now the code doesn’t take into consideration the number of snapin tasks as a queued process.

    Hopefully this all makes sense.

    Thank you,

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    @Tom-Elliott Do you know if this is by design or more a bug?

  • I tried to change that and it did seem to limit the number of computers that can image at once. But it did still allowed 10 computers (I believe that was the amount) to be inprogress as snapins vs checked in or queued.

  • My memory is very foggy on this (pun intended), but I think the Max Clients setting inside of each storage node is what determines how many snapins can run at once.