• Hello,

    Got a problem with imaging laptops with any image on any laptop.

    When fog starts the image process it fails and come up with the error message:

    [CODE]Storage Node: Defaultmember is open, but has recently failed.
    * Unable to determine best node for transfer!

    Storage Node: Defaultmember is open, but has recently failed.
    * Using Storage Node…DefaultMember
    * Mounting File System…Failed

                * Mount: mounting [Ipaddress]:/images/ on /images failed: No such file or directory.[/CODE]

    I have reset the fog password and updated it in the fog console in both other settings and the DefaultMember storage node. The permissions on the folder are 0777 owner fog group root and the images are in there.

  • Installed 12.04 but ran into the same problem. I had thought that after physical machine restart, restarting tftpd-hpa, portmap and nfs-kernel-server had fixed the problem, but I came in today and ran into the problem again.

  • the sub files of the /images/{specific.image} folder were not claimed. Upon claiming these and restarting the computers to be imaged, the imaging process went off without a hitch.

    I did have to manually restart nfs-kernel-server and tftpd-hpa.

    Not sure exactly what fixed it, because each individually has been unsuccessful but restarting both and claiming by chown succeeded.

  • [quote=“Kyle Myhre, post: 11503, member: 3584”]Is this with an upload or deployment?[/quote]

    Deployment. I just successfully uploaded an image on Tuesday which I am now attempting to deploy.
    I will test an upload Now and reply.

  • Is this with an upload or deployment?

  • Similar Issue in Ubuntu 12.10 (desktop not server)/Fog 0.32
    The server installation went as expected after modification of installation files to specify the directories fully (eliminated …/ and replaced it with correct string).
    After installation our former image files were dropped back into the /images directory.

    All the passwords were syncronize on the webgui with the config file at /var/www/fog/commons/config.php.
    I then tested registering a host via full registration followed by imaging. Registration worked.

    At the imaging stage the pxeboot file loads and the computer attempts to connect for the files and I get:
    [I]“Unable to determine best node for transfer!”[/I]

    After a moment it follows with another attempt saying :

    [I]Storage Node: “Defaultmember is open but has recently failed.” (#TIME)[/I]
    [I] * Unable to determine best node for transfer!"[/I]
    This continues ad nauseum or until I shut down the machine and cancel the task.

    After several attempts I tried to reset the nfs server and export settings. At /etc/exports, I checked the values to be my directories and I seized the directories with sudo chown and sudo touch for /images and all within but still I have the same errors.
    Don’t know what to do so I am going to try a fresh install of ubuntu server 12.04 64 bit and try again. The current fog server will be left alone for now but I need to get fog working soon.

    Never had this problem until ubuntu 12… 11.04+11.10 worked great. For some reason I skipped 12.04 right to 12.10 if that makes a difference.
    Last notes, I checked the firewall within our gateway and everything is opened for fog within site so that isn’t part of the problem.

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    check that nfs deamon is running and the /images is listed as an nfs export.

  • Forgot to mention this is on Fog 0.32 running ubuntu 12.04.1