I got 2 vmware esxi 5.5 servers now....

  • I made a image of a centos 7 vm and deployed it to a new host that in on vmware server 1 and after getting my wordpress website on it, how do I create a new image from that same host to clone the host on vmware server 2 without screwing something up?

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    @bogle Ah ok. I don’t know how the cloning would affect the intricacies of a web server. Please feel free to start a new thread if you run into any troubles with the windows imaging later.

  • @fry_p I am running FOG Version: (1.5.7)

    I don’t know, I tried clone/exporting a test web server and it didn’t work. I am just going to build the whole website again on a different server. There will be no downtime that way. Then I will get back to trying to deploy my windows image.

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    @bogle Forgive me if I am wrong, but in a VMware setup, are you not able to use the built in clone/export feature to make an exact copy of that VM? I believe if that is true, that would be the easier method. You can then customize things like the IP and hostname on the copy after it is imported to the other host.I am thinking FOG may not even be necessary in this case for this exact use. I mainly use FOG for “base” images (base install of an OS tailored a little bit to the model or use-case) and customize afterward.

    If I am indeed wrong, which i may very well be, it would help the other folks to help you if you provided more info. For instance, may I ask the FOG version you are on?