• Using ubuntu 10.04 as server and fog 0.32
    Imaging Windows XP
    i have uploaded an snapin and linked it to computer. I deploy an image to computer but snapin stay in Queued(Status:Queued). Please help i am new at cloning and imaging and in fog. Image is deploying fine.

    P.S. I have add size to snapin!

  • Is fog service running on the system? Double check that the fog client is installed and see if that helps you out.

    Do do this go to the webpage:

    [url]http://<your-fog-server-ip>/fog/client[/url] and download and install the client on the machine. Then try deploying the snap-in.

  • Wicked. I’m having the same issue. Although, I’m unsure if I’m creating the snap-in correctly (it does work if I run it manually). But, if I add/link the snap-in to a client (even in advanced tasks), nothing ever happens. Global snap-in is enabled, the client system is running the Fog client stuffs… I’m stumped.

  • Is fog service running on the computer you imaged if it isn’t snapins will not be deployed to the computer just the image.

  • Have you enabled snapins universally?
    Have you enabled snapins for the machine that you have sent the snapins too?

  • please some one help