How to change how many clients i can image

  • How do i change the number of clients i can image. I was able to find it in previous versions, but i am at 1.5.5, and cant find it in the fog configuration.



  • @george1421 nevermind i found what i was looking for…this is all i wnated to do

    FOG image queue size too small
    By default, FOG unicast is set to image no more than 10 machines at a time. Other devices will be placed in a queue and wait for another machine to complete. If you want to increase this queue number, you have to do it in two places.

    First, under Storage Management > Select your Default Member > Change the figure in Max Clients to the desired number.

    Second, under FOG Settings > Expand General Settings > Change the figure in FOG_QUEUESIZE to the desired number.

  • it used to be called fogquesize i think.


  • @george1421 with fog .92 or previous versions i just went in to fog configurations and set the max limit to 20 and i was able to image more than 10 machines at a time. i have fog setup in my dhcp in each scope i am using so it can get to each subnet. can i just not change the number of nodes aloud to image?

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    @pyrate31 OK lets get some terminology defined.

    Unicast := 1 image to 1 computer == 1 data stream. If you want deploy 1 image to 20 computers that will be 20 data streams.

    Multicast := 1 image to n computers == 1 data stream. If you want to deploy 1 image to 20 computers that only consumes 1 data stream in bandwidth.

    Data stream := the transfer of the image from the fog server to the target computer.

    20 unicast data streams will consume 20 times the bandwidth and system resources of a multicast stream.

    Multicast imaging is harder to setup because it relies on your network infrastructure to be setup to support multicast messages. If you have a single subnet then multicasting will work without much hassle. If you are trying to multicast between subnets (fog server on subnet A and clients on subnet B) your subnet router will need to support multicast messages.

  • i have 1 image im pushing out to student laptops that are being fully registered, so i think it would be a unicast. i want to be able to do 15 to 20 at 1 time

  • i want to image 20 clients at 1 time

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    Please add a context to this question. How many clients… when? At one time? Unicast? Multicast? Per storage node?