image to SSD, do I need to do anything special, or am I over thinking this.

  • We make our images on a VM. We pull that image down to both HDD and SSD. Both come down and boot just fine. I have read a couple places online stating that if you clone a HDD to a SSD then your PC wont take full advantage of the SSD speed.
    Is there something I need to do to make sure my SSD drives imaged in fog are all set?

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    @Roger-Saffle There is nothing you need to do with fog, its your final destination OS that has control of the disk once it is launched.

    FOG Image format wise there is no difference between a HDD, SSD, or NVMe drive once fog captures it. Once FOG deploys the image you will not be able to tell the if the source image was from a ssd, hdd, or vmdk file.

    As a test deploy the same image to the 3 different disk structures (hdd, ssd, nvme drive). On the hdd you should get 50-90MB/s sequential speed using crystal disk mark. For the ssd you should get 350-520MB/s sequential speeds depending on your sata attached ssd. For the NVMe drive 700-900MB/s sequential transfer rates. All from the same source image.