Chainloading sudden failure

  • Today I was successfully capturing and deploying images from the FOG server. For reasons unknown, all of a sudden I am now getting a chainloading failed message and encountering boot loops. What makes this mysterious is the fact that this comes after successful imaging sessions, and the only change I made was installing an SSL cert on the Apache web server. Any assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

    Our PCs all have a BIOS and I have enabled option 67 on the DHCP server (undionly.kpxe)

  • @Sebastian-Roth Alright, good to know for the future. Since I didn’t have a clear fix, I blew up the VM and am starting from scratch. There were only two images anyway.

  • Moderator

    @svandam Which version of FOG are you running? If you are on 1.5.6 already you should be able to switch to SSL by simply changing the variable httpproto in /opt/fog/.fogproject from “http” to “https” and re-run the installer. It will do the needed changes for you and compile the iPXE binaries.

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    @svandam I would back out the ssl certificate for the moment.

    There are some changes that you need to make in the fog configuration as well as to apache and iPXE needs to be compiled with the certificate to interact with the FOG server.

    I just searched and I don’t see clear instructions on how to convert FOG to support SSL communications. I know it has been done before, I’m just not finding clear guidance at the moment.