Database security

  • I’ve thought about testing upgrades, I don’t think it’d be too tough. Basically, I’d add 6 more instances - all the same OSs already being tested. But I’d install the last release of FOG on them - and then snapshot.
    That way, the original 6 still have clean snapshots and would be labeled as ‘clean’, and the other 6 would have a fog installation on them and be labeled as ‘upgrade’. All the other commands remain the same I think.

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    Just a couple of thoughts of the top of my head.

    1. For the root password in the db. By default pick a random password and then give the user the option to change it, akin to how the fog installer picks the network adapter, but then lets the user change it. The fog installer should warn the user to write this password down someplace because its important and would be needed for database repair.
    2. The fogdb user’s password should be managed like the fogproject linux user’s password. Its owned and set by the fog installer, but is recorded in the .fogsettings file. If the fogdb user’s owns the fog db, then there really is never a reason to use the db’s root user any more.
    3. For the db’s root user password resets, I don’t think we need to reinvent the wheel here. Maybe provide a wiki with examples for the big three centos, debian, and ubuntu (current minus 2 releases if there is any changes) and then say for other distros they will need to google the answer. Lets not kill our selves trying to be all things to everyone. If the fog admin has deviated from the recommended distros then they should have enough skills to reset the root password. Its not that complicated.

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