Need help on Fog Server on Ubuntu 12.10

  • I’m trying to set up an isolated fog server on Ubuntu 12.10. I got it installed, set Fog server as DHCP and loaded to where I can access fog web interface at[SIZE=3][FONT=arial][COLOR=#222222] http://[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]localhost[SIZE=3][FONT=arial][COLOR=#222222]/[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]fog/management. My question now is that do I need a [B]switch[/B] in between Fog Server and the workstation(win 7) to install the Fog Client? I tried connecting a straight through cable from the the workstation directly to the Fog Server and typed in [SIZE=3][URL=‘http://fogserver/fog/client’][COLOR=#737373]h[/COLOR][/URL]ttp://localhost/fog/client from the workstation and it can’t connect. Is it even possible to connect directly to the fog server without a switch? I’m a beginner trying to set this up for home use.[/SIZE]

  • Ok so I connected the Fog server to my Window 7 computer nic to nic with a crossover cable and I was able to load the [url]http://localhost/fog/client[/url]. I followed the instructions [URL=‘’][COLOR=#737373][/COLOR][/URL] on how to upload an image and for some reason my computer is not showing up on Host Management. I tried adding the host manually by putting in the Host Name and the Host Primary Mac Address but still no luck on uploading through Task Management. What do I need to do to automatically upload on Host Management and start task?

  • Moderator

    nic to nic needs crossover cable. Normally use a switch with auto-sensing ports or a specific crossover/uplink port.