LattePanda 2G32GB

  • Does any one have any experience of the LattePandas and FOG.

    They do not pxe boot, but they can image fine with CloneZilla.

    Iv tried to get them to restore from an image on one of my storage nodes, but theres no restore option so i guess it doesn’t like the image format.

    I have changed the image to PartClone and PartImage, uncompressed and compressed. But neither seem to work.

    When i upload the LattePanda image with CloneZilla to my storage node manually i get a load of partition files in the directory. Capture.PNG

    Any advice is welcome.


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    Once you have that FOS USB boot drive created I want you to do the following things BEFORE you attempt to image.

    1. USB Boot from this FOS boot drive
    2. Pick option 6 (Debug)
    3. Watch to see if the FOS Linux boots correctly.
    4. If everything goes well, after a few enter key presses you should be dropped to a linux command prompt.
    5. At the FOS linux command prompt key in lsblk make sure you can see the disks. Please post a picture here in the forum of the disk layout.
    6. At the FOS linux command prompt key in ip addr show make sure eth0 has the proper IP address for your subnet.

    If 5 and 6 pass then proceed to 7.

    1. Schedule a capture/deployment task in the FOG Web ui.
    2. USB boot the target computer, this time pick option 1 in the grub menu.

    The target computer should image just fine. Report any error back in this thread.

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    @Duncan In regards to FOS usb I have a tutorial on that here:

    Make sure you read about the caveats and don’t forget to update the grub config file.

    Lastly look at the forum chat bubble in the upper right corner of this page for additional hints.

  • @george1421 said in LattePanda 2G32GB:

    FOS usb boot disk

    I have around 25 of the these devices that i use as ThinPcs for Vmware.

    To save imaging them one by one i would like to use FOG and a image i already have for other ThinPCs.

    The lattepanda does not support PXE as far i can see.

    Im going to investigate the FOS you mentioned.


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    @Duncan said in LattePanda 2G32GB:


    Never heard of them. But if they are ia32/64 compliant then you might be able to get fog to work. If you can get clonezilla to work then there is a better chance with FOG.

    So let me understand your initial reason why you can’t use FOG is that these devices don’t support pxe booting? If that is the case then we can create a FOS usb boot disk assuming that these devices can boot from a usb stick.

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