SOLVED Multicast - Client Drop - SSH Remote

  • Hey,

    i had a Multicast Session with Fog 1.4.4.

    Round about 150 Clients.

    Everthing worked fine as usual, but 2 didnt make it an quit the session. They hang at the Partclone Screen.

    I wanna make a remote ssh session to them to shut them down and start a new Multicast Deployment.
    I’m far away from the Clients, so i cant go there and shut them down.

    I can reach them over there IP-Adress with Putty over SSH.

    But i need a Login for the Session. Is there a General User and Password i can use to make a remote shutdown?

  • Senior Developer

    @apollo40 Or you can use a postinit script to set the password:

  • Senior Developer

    @apollo40 The general user would be root but as there is no password set within the FOS Linux system you won’t be able to connect to those machines now. Unfortunately there is no chance as far as I know.

    Next time when you’re doing this you might want to ask before starting the session. You can modify the FOS inits and set a password (or add a SSH key) so you can connect and shutdown those machines.

    Take a look at this wiki article:

    To be able to set the password you usually need to chroot into tht mounted path and then run passwd. The chroot might fail because of libraries being of very different versions. But you can still use the password hash from your local Linux system (e.g. the FOG server) and copy&paste that into initmountdir/etc/shadow…