Uploading and Deploying Images.

  • I feel like I am totally lost now. I have set up a new fog server with Ubuntu 12.04 and Fog 0.32. It is on an isolated network and the machine is setup as DHCP. I have been able to PXE boot with another machine and was able to load the client.

    I can see the Host in the list and have associated it with an image and set it to upload. Process seems to work and does so very quickly. This is where things go wrong. I see a file in /images/ called ImgTest1 it is 340 Bytes, this seems pretty small to be an image. In that same folder is a /dev/ folder that is empty. I can’t seem to find any other locations for images. When I try and deploy the image it says “Volume not found”.

    I am not sure what to do next. I am hoping I am just missing something simple…

    I am not well versed in Linux…please HELP!

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  • OK, stored image is now 2.2 gigs. Much better.

  • [FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=#141414]Not sure why, but that is working. It is currently running. I will post results when it finishes. I don’t believe that it is an OEM image. As far as I know it is a custom setup for one of our labs. Thanks.[/COLOR][/FONT]

  • Ahh I think I have it, What are you choosing for the image process. When making an image it will ask you for Single Partition or Multiple Partition. If you are using an OEM machine most times they have either hidden or recovery partitions, this need to be address by choosing Multiple Partition Single Disk. Give that a try and let me know what happens.

    It almost sounds like it is only grabbing your boot partition.

  • OK, it is created the file in /Dev/ but only for a few seconds then the computer restarts…what can I try next?

  • The only thing I can think of is when I used fog as a username to my Ubuntu box before loading the fog server. Once I reloaded and didn’t use fog as a username it was fine. The fog installer should handle all the permissions for you, once I get near my fog server I will post the permissions I have on my nodes.

  • Do you know what permissions need to change I made sure to give root full access to the /images folder. I will have to check it out.

  • It will restart from what I have read, which would leave you with nothing most of the time. I would try this, Start the upload then go to the folder holding the images eg. /images/dev/ this will have a macaddress.file in it that will be the image as it is uploading. Once done it will transfer it to the /images/named_image_folder/ If it is growing normally in that folder but not being transferred to the named folder then there could be a few things wrong. Maybe permissions, not really sure. I ran into that once when building mine but I reloaded FOG and it never resurfaced.

  • [quote=“Psycholiquid71, post: 9197, member: 2717”]Are you sure that the image is fully uploading and not stopping at 99%? I have seen people talking about this kind of issue before on here.[/quote]

    No, I am not sure. It appears to go through everything and then restarts. It does this very quickly. When some one gets to 99% does it hang or restart? Even if this is happening, 340 bytes is very likely not 99% of my image…Does it delete an incomplete image?

  • Are you sure that the image is fully uploading and not stopping at 99%? I have seen people talking about this kind of issue before on here.