Issue Capturing Image

  • I’m having an issue capturing an image.

    The device is a dell latitude 5570,
    Fog Version 1.5.5
    When I first registered the host, it failed however I switched the device from UEFI to legacy in it’s BIOS and it went through and registered fine.

    I then went into the fog management screen, created a new image, set the opperating system to windows 10 and made a task to capture an image for this the next time the above device boots. However the completion percentage does not progress past 2.31% the time to completion just grows exponentially, additionally the screen I am capturing the image on looks “messed up”. Tried including a picture but kept getting errors.

    I let the default go through on about everything when registering the device except Hostname. I was kinda hoping on some ideas on where to go from here, the device is still powered on and “imaging” if you need further info let me know.

  • @thegiantcat

    I rebooted the server, and recreated / restarted the task. After this it completed without issue.

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