Kernel Build that supports USB-C NIC

  • Got the system up and running great and then got new Dell laptops with BIOS 1.5.0. Previous 1.3.0 builds were able to image through USB 3.0 dongle, Thunderbolt dock and USB-C dongle. With the revision no longer working through USB-C and I had to add the kernel argument has_usb_nic=1 to get USB 3 to start working (wonky at best usually needs a couple of tries). The Device iD is
    …should I be seeing support for that in kernel 4.19.1? It’s not a game ender. I just purchased several of the USB-C dongles to support the roll out and wonder if I should return them.

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    @himem If you find this is the case; could you provide the hardware info an a clear screen shot of the setting changes to make it work taken with a mobile phone? If you have a problem, I’m sure someone else will in the near future.

  • Thanks for your help…I actually think I found the issue in the BIOS settings. Under Secure Boot settings there are 2 modes Deployment and Audit. Deployment fully vets boot security and audit just logs it, so I believe it was blocking the NIC after the initial PXE boot. Thanks for the quick response.

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    @himem said in Kernel Build that supports USB-C NIC:


    That appears to be a realtek nic. If you setup a debug deploy/capture (doesn’t matter which) then pxe boot the target computer. After a few enter key presses you will be dropped to a linux command prompt.

    It would be interested in seeing what
    ip addr show

    One final bit, is this network adapter in a usb-c dock/port replicator, or is it a usb-c to ethernet adapter?