Can't deploy after migrating

  • I migrated a FOG server(physical) to another FOG server(VM).

    I used the following tutorial:

    I migrated the DB aswell. However the new fog server has a larger disk then the first one.
    At first the dashboard showed me the older disk size en usage (in the pie chart).
    Now i fixed that by changed the IP adres. (still had the old one)

    The problem i’m now having is that when i try to deploy one of those images, i get the error invalid mac adres when checking mounted file system… (see picture below)

    Few things i tried then:

    • Changed the interface name to ‘eth0’ it was something else on the old server. (on the fog webportal under settings)
    • Changed NFS ETH MONITOR to ‘eth0’ as well
      Any ideas here?

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: re-running the installer seemed to fix the issue.

  • @Baessens Maybe i need to change the UID of my FOG installation? ?
    Edit: changed the UDPCAST INTERFACE to eth0, still same problem.

    Also, Is this wrong?

    ict@fogserver:/images$ ls
    dev         postdownloadscripts  Priminfowin10pro
    lost+found  postinitscripts      priminfowin10pronewofficekey
    ict@fogserver:/images$ cd dev
    ict@fogserver:/images/dev$ ls
    dev  postdownloadscripts

    EDIT: re-running the installer seemed to fix the issue.

  • @Quazz
    I think it’s quick deploy, i just boot a PC to network, login on the FOG server and chose ‘deploy image’.
    Also my fog server doesn’t have DHCP server, we use a windows DHCP.

  • Moderator

    Is this quick deploy? Or from the WebUI interface?

    It looks like FOS can’t detect the MAC address for some reason, but since you got this far, it must obviously have one or DHCP would have failed much earlier in the process.

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