I managed to fix snow video with newer kernel

  • Since I dont have internet on my server I replace bzImage with new kernel 3.4.1 and named it bzImage…
    Install fog everything when OK…
    Registered new machine everything worked fine
    created an image tamplate then created a task to upload an image… now I have a problem when creating a task and upload to get an image I get an error saying that in can not connect to tftp server… ohhhh why , why,why…
    seems to me that I am having fun setting a good working Fog-Server

    Can any one help me, I feel like i am begging too much, forgive me this is my first time and can not get it going

  • ************** SOLVED *******

    reset the system fog password
    then on var/www/html/fog/commons
    edit the file config.php
    set the same password on tftp
    saved it then I also did the change on the webui under fog setting on TFTP set the password there also then upload a new task and now
    I am uploading new image to the server…

    Kernel using is 3.4.1 that I got from falko…
    thanks for the kernel falko