• My school district has 20 different FOG servers. I have been tasked with the job of gathering information from all servers and compiling it into a single location for reporting to my boss. So far, i have been fairly successful; however, I have run across an issue that has me confused. My report consolidates data from the inventory table and the hosts table and several records are showing hostName as NULL. In some cases, there is a duplicate inventory record, in other cases, there is an inventory record with no host record. My report show 8,519 total computers; however 1,214 of those are missing hosts table information.

    We started using FOG at version .28. Some FOG databases have been exported and moved to new servers. Some clients were imaged in one building, then moved to a different building and deleted from the first buildings inventory.

    What are some scenarios that could cause this?

    Current theories:
    FOG client is pointing to the wrong server
    Client was imaged in building A and then moved to building B and the client was not changed
    CLient was imaged using Ghost, but had the FOG client installed on it