SORRY, but I give up testing FOG

  • there are to many issus, I was testing the whole last week to get a workflow for production Environment (School), but one time this Does not work, the other time that does not work and so on.
    I have lots of experience in Computers, Servers , Network PXE and so on but I have not the time to test so hard with no effort.

    Sorry for that, I wish you good luck and I will try FOG later next year again.

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  • This post is just a destroying message, i can understand that you are frustrated but there are a lot of people out there successfully using fog. Why not starting to tell us your issues to may solve them?

    Posts like this are helpful for no one.

    @Wayne-Workman whoops did not read your post, its pretty the same to mine, sorry 😄

    Regards X23

  • @WalterT
    Sounds to me like you haven’t really put the time and effort (as you put it yourself!) into reading the documentation and understanding how to install, configure and use FOG.
    I have worked in schools and corporate environments and assure you it is more than capable of providing imaging services in both scenarios.
    I’m still a beginner really but have managed to overcome any issues I had, most of which were of my own making, but reading and reaching out to the excellent community of users and devs.

    Strongly recommend you revisit, following all applicable documentation.

  • @WalterT This post is completely unhelpful to yourself and to the fog community, and seems rash as well. If you need help with getting fog setup, create a thread about your specific problem, provide details, screenshots, logs, information. The community will help you as best as possible after you provide basic details about your specific issue.