SOLVED Fog 1.5.4 slow/unresponsive

  • Version - 1.5.4
    VM - 8GB Ram

    A few days ago our Fog server stopped acting normally. The web GUI was super slow, almost unresponsive. We tried everything we knew to figure out why, and even re-installed to see if that would fix the issue. Our original server is Ubuntu 14.04 where the problems started happening. We tried to re-install fresh on 16.04, same problem. We also tried installing on CentOS and got the same issues. The web GUI might work for a short time, but eventually it will fail or just “spin” and do nothing. If the web GUI does work, trying to start an image task or going to the storage node section are things that cause it to just “spin”. Logins take forever…etc… I have tried searching the forums and doing things like to no avail. If I run “top” typically we see lots of php-fpm processes. I also tried updating to trunk to see if that fixed the issue, but same results (super slow, unresponsive GUI). Maybe we have royally screwed something up along the way and did not realize it, but we have not been able to solve the issue. If someone has ideas, just let me know, any help is appreciated.


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    @dustindizzle11 Thanks for the heads up. Possibly I need to revisit what I said. Possibly there is a huge difference and it does make FOG run much faster in your case (and possibly for others as well). What I could think of is the php-fpm issue we still have in FOG 1.5.4 (see George’s post here). What is yours set to on Debian?

  • @Sebastian-Roth Just want to say this is resolved. Not sure why, but installing on Debian fixed the issue. We tried the same exact thing with Ubuntu and CentOS on a reinstall importing the same exact database but couldn’t resolve it…I know as a tech person that doesn’t make sense as to why Debian would fix the issue…but it did and has been working for a few weeks now solid.


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    @dustindizzle11 said:

    Does Debian handle Fog better in general?

    No, would not say so. Debian is ok but it does not handle FOG that much better than other distros do.

    There must have been some other issue, possibly in the database. It’s hard to say without knowing more details of the other systems, like log files and such.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Sorry I did not see your response before my “update” post, but thank you for the reply. I tried changing that on the other installs that we had (the 14.04, 16.04 and CentOS), but it the unresponsiveness stayed. The weird thing is that we have not changed the client checkin time on the Debian install and it is still working great. Does Debian handle Fog better in general?

  • Just a quick update…We installed on Debian and imported the database and it is working… Web GUI is responding much better as of now, but we have not changed anything except the OS it is installed on. We have no idea why it is all the sudden working but it is. So a reinstall on Ubuntu 16.04 had the same issues, CentOS has the same issues, but Debian works. I will update later today if it is still working well.


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    @dustindizzle11 How many client computers do you have with fog-client software installed? Most probably those are causing the high webserver load. You can increase the client checkin time in the settings on the web UI. Probably best to do early or late when most clients are shutdown.