OS advice on fogstorage machine

  • Hi guys. I’ve got a working environment that requires expansion and I wish to roll out a fog storage node now. However, I’m a bit reluctant to do so without some advice from more experienced users as my first atempt many months ago went wrong.

    I’ve gained a LOT more experience in FOG now and I’m sure I could fix any issues that arise given installation problems, yet I prefer to take advice first from a community I’ve come to love and depend on.

    I’m running my main and currently only fog server on ubuntu 10.04 LTS smoothly and without incident. Last time I tried a storage node, I used the same OS and it caused me no end of trouble. I’m using fog 0.32 also.

    Anyone care to share what OS they’re using for their storage nodes? And… if its different to the fogserver OS used, why etc?

  • Funny enough I was just thinking about this problem.

    Unfortunately for me I have a list of jobs as long as my arm and I have news that I’m now being asked to go for a week to our sister college 30 miles down the road to work with another guy on imaging with SCCM. Looks like there may be opportunities to show them what fog can do. Anyhow, short of it is, I haven’t had anywhere near the time I thought I’d have to look at my own projects yet this week or last. And its not looking so favourable for me timewise for a couple of weeks. I promise I will post what I find, but it wont be for a couple of weeks… much to my dismay!

    Sorry mate. Will contribute as soon as I can.

  • Hi Matt any joy so far?

  • Sure thing mate. I’ve unfortunately run into another problem with a seperate server failure this week that somewhat sidetracked the project for half of this week… so I’ll be looking at the fog node late monday or tuesday. I’ll write back how I get on 😉

  • Hi Matt

    I think I’m in the same position as you, however I have 20 sites which I think all need a node!

    Basically all sites linked on WAN with separate subnets and 1st pc I want to image is on a remote site so before I go any further I wanted advice like yourself!

    Can you let me know how you get on?


  • Well, since I’ve now built the machine ready to go I am going to have to go and experiment. I had hoped to save myself a little time drawing on the experiences of the community, but I can’t really afford to wait any longer. Thanks for the views.