UNSOLVED Active direcory join fail bad password 1.5.4

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    New build - 1.5.4 (Ubuntu 18.04.1)
    Client - 0.11.16 (Windows 10)

    I am having the same problem as above…went through the commands of the debugger.exe and the domain password is totally wrong as in the above thread.

    I put the correct password in the domain password box (not the legacy) and it is plaintext.
    This is from the AD global settings and I changed it on the host AD itself too.

    I have an older FOG server that the credentials work with but with this it states bad password - because the password it being sent wrong I guess (according the the dump file from the debugger.exe).

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you

  • @kickers56 Please try to set the domain password using Incognito mode in your browser, see if the issue persists. Browsers will auto-fill and auto-complete password fields as a feature, and this has on many occasions been the culprit in strange password issues with fog.

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    @moderators @testers Anyone else able to replicate the issue? Simply use Joe’s instructions here: https://forums.fogproject.org/post/111401 (don’t forget the Reset Encryption part and don’t worry about possible error messages, should still work)

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    @kickers56 I am very sorry but still unable to replicate the issue. Neither using the Debugger.exe nor by adding certain debug output to the modules code. Always see the password as saved in the web UI, example was $c23maHej3. Came out as is in the debugger and all.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say there is no issue but I am just not sure how to see what you have!?

    Maybe this is a database issue on Ubuntu?? Can you please try again and see if you have the wrong password stored in the database when saving in the web UI or if it’s correct in the database and simply corrupted when it gets to the fog-client?!?

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    @kickers56 said:

    So I have discovered using the debugger.exe that the string I used for my password was causing the characters to change in the database.

    I finally got to look into this myself. So far I haven’t got a test client but tried to see how it looks like in the database itself as you mentioned it being changed in the DB already. From what I see it is not the case. So I am wondering if you have also looked into the database tables or if you just assumed it would be in the DB as you saw it changed in the debugger. Hope this makes sense.

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    @kickers56 Thanks a lot for looking into this and posting your findings here. Sorry we haven’t had the time to look into this ourselves as we have been very busy with other issues. I promise we won’t loose track of this but it might take a little time.

  • So I have discovered using the debugger.exe that the string I used for my password was causing the characters to change in the database.
    Specifically I narrowed it down to “$c” (which is what my password started with) and then any character after that would change the stored password to show “r” in the database.
    I have since changed the password I use and the domain join works fine. I assume it has something to do with the fact that maybe the hostnamechanger file thinks the beginning of the string is a variable.

    To be clear this same password worked on Running Version: 8169 SVN Revision: 5712.

    But I needed to upgrade and it would no longer work.
    So this is solved for me but maybe this is a bug in 1.5.4