SOLVED Golden Image Win7x64 & Optiplex 5050 : BSOD

  • Hi !

    First, you can see my configuration into my signature 🙂

    Since one years, i use universal image to deploy Windows 7 x64 on many differents models (o3020, o3040, o7010, HP820G3 …)

    Recently, we received new model : Optiplex 5050.

    For all computers, i :

    • disable secure boot
    • enable legacy boot
    • enable AHCI mode …

    After that, i deploy my Virtualbox sysprepped universal image on the computer … for the others models, it’s works … but with the Optiplex 5050, i have a BSOD …

    In the BSOD, i can see the culprit : VBoxMouse.sys …

    So, i tried this trick :

    • debug task on the o5050
    • mount the Windows partition on /ntfs
    • mv /ntfs/Windows/System32/drivers/VBoxMouse.sys VboxMouse.OLD
    • run “fog” … and the sysprep passed without BSOD.

    So … to fix the problem, i can write this command into my “fog.bonus” script executed during the postinit … but, why the BSOD appear only on o5050 ?

    Is it possible the drivers pack 5050-WIN7-A07-8Y01N.CAB is the real culprit ?

    If you think not, have you an idea ?

    Many thanks for your help 🙂

  • After reflexion, i wiil use the postinit script … Why ? Because if i receive a new model with the VBoxMouse.sys conflit driver, i will need to search again the culprit file into the Driver Pack … and waste many times …

    So, in the fog.bonus, i added this :

    # suppression du fichier VBoxMouse.sys ... eviter conflit et BSOD avec les Optiplex5050 durant SYSPREP (au 2nd reboot, durant verif perf. videos)
    rm /ntfs/Windows/System32/drivers/VBoxMouse.sys
    echo "Suppression du fichier VBoxMouse.sys pour eviter BSOD durant SYSPREP  (au 2nd reboot) ... Done !";

    I also added this in the SetupComplete.cmd :

    rem uninstall VirutalBox Guest Additions : eviter les BSOD comme VBoxMouse.sys sur machine cible
    "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox Guest Additions\uninst.exe" /S

    I retried a download task on the Optiplex 5050 … and no BSOD 🙂

    So … just many thanks again George for your help ! Knowledge growth up !

    PS : how can pass the subject to “Solved” ?!

  • Moderator

    @Jonathan-Cool Well I can’t really give you guidance here since I have not run into this specific issue.
    I know myself being a bit lazy, I would just write a patch module for the post download scripts that would just nuke (delete) the VBoxMouse.sys driver and call it done. It is only a left over driver from the golden system creation.

  • Hi again,

    George, thank you for the advice 😉

    I tried to deploy the image without drivers (rename the drivers folder on NAS) and … no BSOD.

    So … i found the culprit : drivers pack …

    After, i tried to download the lastest .CAB Drivers pack ( and same error …

    I think, i can try to find the culprit driver in .CAB archive … but it can take many long time … no ?

    I can try to :

    • extract .CAB to a folder
    • put the folder on NAS with the .inf files in folders (storage, chipset etc …)
    • delete one folder
    • retry a download …
    • if BSOD, delete an other folder and retry a DL … etc etc …

    Other idea before i will that very long debug step ?

  • Moderator

    I don’t have an answer for you on the vboxmouse.sys unless it has a conflict with the o5050 drivers. You could test by not deploying the 5050 drivers and see if you can login without bsod.

    The other thing that comes to mind, unless you have the i3 processor the remainder of the available processors on that line are kabylake which does not support Win7. You might be able to install it, but windows updates will not happen from what I understand for kabylake and later chipsets.

    Back on the Virtualbox issue. Make sure you have the latest VB drivers installed and see if that removes the conflict too.

    BTW: Nice quote in your signature.