SOLVED Problems I encountered to get FOG working .32 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Fresh install.

  • vsftpd was not configured with an IP at all.

    The DefaultStorage group in FOG has the password configured to a random string of characters instead of the password I set for everything else. This caused vsftpd auth failures that stop the temporary file from being copied back over to images with the right name, there are MANY other people with this as a problem, and it took hours to troubleshoot (my first image was just shy of 50 gb and took 3 1/2 hours for it to fail and me to first encounter the error).

    TFTP was also configured to use a password I didn’t set, the same as above in all respects.

    EDIT: I forgot that I also had to defrag drives that were failing to upload on the ntfs partition resize.

    I already have a CentOS long term 5 release running .29 so I’m not new to FOG set up. I appreciate all the work you do.


  • Hopefully this is working better for people since moving to iPXE vs. PXE.

  • Blackout,
    When was this fixed? I am trying to run 0.33 install on Ubuntu 12.04 and even though it installs correctly, I’m still getting PXE-E52 errors when I try to PXE boot into the server from different laptops and tablets.


  • Developer

    Thanks for reporting Jonathan.

    The 0.33 installer has been updated to work with all of the latest releases of our supported platforms. (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhate, CentOS and Fedora)