SOLVED Fog image size empty, captured date valid, image used to work and now throws "error trying to restore gpt partition tables"

  • JFYI (there are 5 people that use the same default login, so I asked all of them if they broke something and none came forward… You know how that goes lol.)


    I had a working image that was captured to FOG about a month ago. Something happened and the image size became 0 (empty) and the captured date was correct and there. Now if I try to image a computer it gives the error “error trying to restore gpt partition tables”

    Do you guys know how to fix this? Maybe someone accidentally tried to capture over my original image?

    Any help/guidance on how to troubleshoot this would be much appreciated!

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    @vince-villarreal Possibly someone capture an image over the original one. Run ls -al /images/<imagename> (put in the name of your image instead of <imagename>) to see the date of the files. Does that make sense to you?

    Other than that could it be you are trying to deploy this image to a computer with a smaller disk?

  • on a Side note, I have 1 other image exactly like this with the same image size as 0 “empty”