NIC disappears after installing fog client setting up a task and boot

  • hey Y’ll

    serious problem here. i install the fog client on a maskin with XP (embedded2009)
    I boot PXE and it finds the FOG server connects and states an NSF error caount mount disk.
    And reboots after 1 minut. now it has changed the MAC address on my Nic and the nic is not starting under windows it doesn’t want to boot on PXE anymore either.
    This is the second machine this happens to.
    some help plz

  • I thought so as well but it happened. I try to get new machines under waranty. I have to try

  • Moderator

    Sorry, FOG doesn’t have anything in it that would change the MAC address in the NIC. I have no idea what’s happening.

  • Hi people. I really need some input on this. I’ve to new machines (of 😎 I need to make an image and upload it to the other machine’s
    Right now it seems that I got 2 machine’s where yhe NIC is destroit or useless and that will cost me a lot of monney. So plz.
    When the machine’s boot PXE they report a MAC address that say’s FF:FF:FF:XX:XX:XX (the XX are part of the original MAC address)