SOLVED Hosts not joining domain (see log attached) also it shows its joined under properties, but missing from AD

  • So, if I image a computer using a certain image (UEFI image), the PC will show it is joined to the domain, but it is missing in AD. This is causing the computer to get trust relationship errors when users from the domain try to login.

    The only thing I noticed that is weird is the time is off in the WEB GUI. When I check the logs, the only error for these machines that are not joining to the domain correctly is below:

    Invalid promptTime, using default

    Then at the bottom it will say HostnameChanger The machine is already joined to the domain, code = 2691

    I am about to try a recapture and 100% making sure FOG does not try to rejoin domain before the capture part. I don’t know if this ^ happened.

    Do you know what that error prompttime means?

    alt text

  • Prompt time is the checkin time for the client. Anything below 60 seconds is invalid, and we won’t allow the client to go below that point. (Using Default = 60s)

    Error code 2691 = The machine is already joined to the domain.

    So this is likely true. When creating the master image, I would highly suggest disabling the “Join Domain” feature of the host. (Host Page->Edit relevant Host->Active Directory->Uncheck Join Domain) then disjoin that machine from the domain manually. Then capture your image. If you’re sysprepping your images, it’s also recommended to disable the fogservice from starting on the machine, and having a setupcomplete.cmd script that re-enables the service once sysprep process is complete.