UNSOLVED Backing Up...........

  • Hi

    Been Using FOG for a couple of months with Ubuntu, handles everything i need it to really well!

    On Thursday, catastrophe struck, following a power outage.
    The HDD with the system installed failed, no power was transmitting to the drive.
    I have rebuilt the system now, and getting back to where i need to.
    I know i should have backed up everything, but i am not too sure of the best way to do this.

    So i have a couple of questions to ask,

    1. If i use the Ubuntu Backups program, with the right options selected, can this be used to backup everything, including the FOG Server, so if this happens, i can just restore the FOG Server settings, images, etc from this Backup.

    2. How do i do this if the Ubuntu Backup is not able to do this.

    Many thanks

  • Moderator

    One other possible solution is Veeam Backup Agent (free). This will do a full system backup with bare metal restore. You can back up to a NAS, Veeam B&R Server ($$), or other network storage device. If you have a system failure, you boot from the linux boot cdrom, connect to your storage device and then restore your system. This is one way to protect your fog server. There may be native (Ubuntu) options like Bacula too.