Deployment of Windows image stops before it completes

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    I was able to get a screenshot of what I see.

    I’ve had FOG .32 installed and running fine for a few weeks now. Today, however, I’m having an issue where when deploying an image to a client, the deployment will stop before it hits 100% then it flashes a different screen briefly. From a video I recorded, it looks like ntfs-3g is complaining that no mountpoints are defined. The weird thing is that this happens with both my WinXP image and Win7SP1 images on different machines. I have to go through multiple attempts to reimage both of my machines before it will successfully complete the reimage process. Right now I’m the only person using the FOG server and have not changed either the images or the client or the server.

    I did a quick search to see if anyone else is running into this issue and did not find any. If there are threads that I missed, please post.


  • hahaha thanks for the award. I checked the cabling and switching, things seem fine. I had to reboot the machine for some OS updates to take effect and that ended up fixing the issue for now. I’m still curious as to why it was happening. I will definitely poke around in syslog like you suggested next time.

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    I think you win the award for the longest image name ever! Congrats. Have you checked your switching/cabling? Check the syslog on the server for errors?