Domain not adding right

  • After fogging a machine we are getting error messages/ trust issues so we have to go in to the machine and drop the domain and re-add it. Is there a way to fix this error?

  • Moderator

    Just for an additional bit of information. Your reference/golden image should never be connected to AD before you sysprep it. Even if it was connected to AD, then removed from AD before system. The first time you connect a computer to AD the target computer will be tattooed causing every image created from that golden image problems down the road.

  • Senior Developer

    @BrendoJohnso was the computer you uploaded the image from joined to the domain when imaging? Images cannot be on the domain as it will cause the trust issue you’re facing.

    Installing the fog client and removing the image from the domain would work. The client can automatically join computers to your domain after deployment.

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